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" All four of my children attended preschool at Calvary. The preschool experience that they offer goes way beyond academics. They provide a well rounded, balance program of fun and learning, adventures and experiences that every preschooler should have. The teaching staff becomes like family and they truly care about your child and my children to this day talk about what they did in preschool and about their teachers. They absolutely loved going to preschool at Calvary."

– Sandy Becker

" I have been involved with Calvary Christian Preschool since it first began. Having always had a connection with Calvary, and having friends who were instrumental with the planning of this wonderful preschool program, I shared their excitement as I looked forward to sending my children to it. Little did I know that not only would my children spend a total of five years of the beginning of their school careers at Calvary, but I spent nearly my entire career there as a parent volunteer, teacher's assistant, and then a teacher in both the two and three-day programs.

Now I am happy to send my granddaughter to Calvary Christian Preschool and look forward to seeing my future grandchildren graduate from this wonderful, caring, nurturing, Christian school. What a great way to start their young developing minds! Thank you to all involved in every aspect of Calvary Christian Preschool, and I would, without hesitation, recommend this program to anyone interested in sending their child to a preschool."

– Judy Schaeffer


Units of study include a wide variety of subjects such as science experimentation, social studies, math and reading readiness. Logical thinking processes and problem solving are encouraged. The depth with which each of these areas is handled depends upon which class the child attends.

The preschool uses Christian curriculum materials for teaching the love of God for each person. Puppets, filmstrips and varied activities are used to teach knowledge of the Bible and Christian values. The Pastor gives a monthly talk about a Bible story to the children.

Large muscle groups are developed through the use of equipment that encourages balance, eye-foot, eye-hand coordination, ball skills and following directions. Fine muscle coordination is acquired through the use of craft materials, writing and drawing implements as well as table top building toys.

The teachers are aware of the importance of good literature for children. They serve as role models in that they enjoy books and show respect for them. Dramatics and role-playing are included. Music and creative art is experienced in daily activities. Children may not always have a finished product to bring home each day.


  • Circle Time: Calendar activities, weather awareness, pledge to the flag, sharing time, review helpers for the day, prayer.
  • Music: Songs, verses, recorded music and use of rhythm instruments.
  • Prayer: During circle time and when appropriate.
  • Free Play: Children select from several play areas and are responsible for clean up times.
  • Units: Experiences in science, math, reading, social studies, arts, music, holiday themes, Christian values and cooking.
  • Motor Skills: Use of large equipment to develop large muscle groups.

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